Sunday, December 7, 2008

Teddy Bears in Space

Teddy Bears can now be counted among the objects to have risen to the outer edges of our atmosphere and into space. Cambridge University sent an pair of prepared Teddy Bears to the edge of our atmosphere using a helium balloon. How do you prepare Teddy Bears for space, with a custom made foil space suit and a parachute to carry them safely back to terraferma. Their was some science and exploration going on up their, but with the Teddy Bear milestone seems to be taking up all the headlines.

"On Monday, a helium balloon buoyed a quartet of bears 100,000 feet up, to the edge of space, where they sampled the rarefied top of the atmosphere. Sensors monitored the extreme temperatures they experienced -- more than 60 degrees Fahrenheit below zero -- though the bears themselves kept snug in foil spacesuits custom-made for them by the preadolescent mission control team.

After the balloon burst, a parachute carried the small crew safely back to England's green and pleasant land.

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