Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Australian Couple Served Via Facebook

Talk about a bad message. How could you like to sign on your chosen social network and have a message from a lawyer waiting for you? I am guessing you would not be to pleased, especial if that message is to inform you that you have lost your house. Letters and emails failed to reach the couple so the lawyer decided to try facebook. Judges have allowed email notification, but I have not heard of another case involving the use of a social network. An interesting legal precedent may be in the process of being set here; for Australia at least.


"An Australian couple who defaulted on their mortgage have been served legally binding court documents via social networking site Facebook.

In what may be a world first, lawyers from Canberra law firm Meyer Vandenberg persuaded a judge in the Australian Capital Territory's Supreme Court to allow them to serve the documents over the internet after repeatedly failing to serve the papers in person.

Lawyer Mark McCormack came up with the Facebook plan after it became clear that the couple did not want to be found.

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