Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Democratic Governor Rod Blagojevich (Illinois) Tried to Sell Senate Seat

Democratic governor Rod Blagojevich of Illinois has been arrested for among other things trying to sell Obama's vacated Senate seat. The video below shows the attorney unload on Blagojevich. The video goes on for more then eight minutes, and is stuffed with allegations. Selling the Senate seat was just "the most appalling" of the "political corruption crime spree". Under Illinois law the governor has the right to fill a vacant Senate position. Technically speaking, Blagojevich is still governor and still has that right. Who would accept that position from him at this point; no one I hope.

Their is no allegation that Obama has anything to do with this scandal, but there is not some confusion as to if he had any contact with governor. Not that this really matters, all that would matter is if the contact Obama may have had with Blagojevich was of a nature which indicated he had some hand in the scandal. As mentioned previously, their is no allegation that Obama did anything unsavory here.

Video embedded below.


"Said an FBI agent of Illinois at the presser, “If it isn’t the most corrupt state in the United States, it’s certainly one hell of a competitor.” Indeed: George Ryan, Blagojevich’s predecessor, is also in prison, and only three of the last seven governors have managed to escape indictment. They’re long overdue for a reform candidate, but who could they get? They’d need someone from the area, preferably with a national profile, whose reputation for putting law and order above partisan politics is impeccable. Anyone you know fit the bill?"

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