Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Israel vs Hamas (Day Four)

Day four brought with it at least two more Israeli civilian deaths as well as an unclear number in Gaza. Israel started a YouTube.com channel with some videos I have read are pretty incredible (can not see them on my mobil device, so can not comment personally). Already YouTube has removed a few of them, but others are working to keep them up elsewhere (check over at PowerLineBlog.com).

Israel has hinted at a halt to bombing to see if Hamas stops firing rockets, but Hamas has stated terms that Israel would not accept before it even happened. No ground assault yet, but it could happen at any time. Hamas rockets have also now reached further into Israel then before the truce. I read that at least 1/10th of Israel's population is now within rocket range from Gaza.

If I was in charge in Israel I would be working hard on rocket defense counter measures. A few tactical laser devices seem to have a lot of promise. In the near term though, they have to do what they can to stop the rockets on the ground by preventing them from being launched. That means either cutting off the supply or convincing Hamas it is in their best interest not to shoot at Israel anymore. Israel is attempting both at the same time right now. Only time will tell how effective it is, but my fingers are crossed for Israel. Also, doing nothing did not work, and it is extremely unlikely this will make it worse after the fighting dies down.

Andrew Berman

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