Monday, December 1, 2008

Terror Strikes in Mumbai (India) - Video from Sky News

Sky News has a good video from the terrorist attacks. It starts with video of the apprehension of the only captured terrorist. Lets say his arrest was rather "rough". I am sure the victims and their friend,s and family are shedding a few tears for the "excessive roughness" used in the apprehension.

They then interview a photographer that managed to get some of the only photos of the terrorists while the fighting was raging. Perhaps almost as disturbing as the attack is his allegation that the police never fired a shot at the terrorists while he was watching.

It ends with a brief background of how the terrorist launched their attack and showed how easy it was to launch and how vulnerable they still might be.

Completely off topic, their are few arguments more compelling for the right to bear arms for self defense then the prospects of the police not engaging the threat after they arrive on scene. I can not recall a similar incident here in the USA, but still... . Perhaps a more compelling argument is the time it takes police to arrive, but I digress.

Video embedded below.

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