Saturday, May 2, 2009

Obama Comments On Supreme Court Justice David Souter's Retirement

Obama crashed the White House news briefing to talk about Supreme Court Justice David Souter's coming retirement. His comments and the coming effort to replace Souter are almost certain to spark a debate on the role of the Supreme Court. Obama seemed to wax back and forth between having a Justice that understands the limits and role of the court with one that has empathy for the people before them.

Compassion is not something I view as a good quality in coming to a decision. There is an often recited phrase, "Tough cases make bad law". The more empathetic a person is when deciding what to rule the more true that becomes. It is not the role of the courts to consider a laws impact on a person life. It is the job of the courts to faithfully interpret and apply the law of the legislature. It is the job of the legislature to consider the impact of a law on a person life.

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