Sunday, May 31, 2009

Psychic Experiment on Twitter

In what may be the first scientific use of the service Twitter (Berman Post's twitter page is the public is being asked to tweet their impressions of randomly selected spots in England that they have not seen. This is an effort to test the validity of 'remote viewing' or 'extra sensory perception'. Those are fancy ways of saying that a person is somehow able to see or know information about an area that conventional wisdom says they should not. That is being able to describe a location that they have neither been to nor seen any representation of. It would be the equivalent of you being able to describe a room in detail in China selected at random that you have never been to nor seen a picture of.

This can also test a phenomenon known as 'the wisdom of the crowds'. That phenomenon says that the most accurate guess comes not from an individual but the average from a group.

To participate in the experiment head to You will need a Twitter account to participate.

The results should be in by Friday.

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