Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fixing the 'Air Force One' NYC Photo op Picture

There were many things wrong with the 'Air Force One' undisclosed flyover of NYC. To start with it was a pointless waste $350k+ of tax payer money. Add to that the intentional secrecy which caused mass panic on the streets of New York, and you have a pretty substantial political screw up.

Perhaps lost among the higher profile mistakes is that the picture is just not that good. If you are going to spend that kind of money for what is essentially a glamor shot, you would expect it to be, well, glamors.

This photo is to dark, looks like it has a glare toward the top right corner, and looks like it was cut off of the bottom right. I was not the only one who thought the picture was just generally bad. Others however, have taken a few minutes to try and fix it up.

Here is the unaltered image.


Here is the same picture, but it has been fixed up by Fix time clocked in at two minutes.


I think you will agree that the second picture, the one that has been touched up, is better then the first. It still is not perfect, but not bad for two minutes of work. Ideally, a good enough photo should have been taken as to not need any work.

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