Friday, May 8, 2009 (Berman Post on Twitter)

The Berman Post is now on Twitter. You can find the profile at

For now it is being used essentially as an RSS feed. If it works, the Berman Post post's will be auto-tweeted on the account. Not the full posts as Twitter only allows 140 characters per update, but a link, title, and/or short description. That means that if you want to follow the Berman Post without subscribing the usual way, you can follow the account and be updated that way.

You will need to have your own Twitter account to follow the account, but you could also just check back their frequently. Then again, if you are just going to check their frequently you might as well just check the Berman Post frequently instead. For those not familiar with Twitter, here is a clip that will explain it.

Video embedded below. (from

The service the Berman Post is using to RSS auto-tweet on the account is

It appears to be working. The first post it auto-tweeted was this one. You can see it at That was the second status update. The first was just an introduction I types which can be found at If it continues to work you should see each new post as a separate update.

Update (5/20/2009): appears to be working pretty well. It dis not auto-tweet all of the posts, but I think the few it missed were just a glitch. The auto-tweets do have a decent lag time between published post and tweet.

I understand that it is proper Twitter etiquette to follow people who follow you (as long as they are not spammers) so that is what I am starting to do. That also extends to people who tweet or retweet Berman Post posts or tweets. Do not read anything else into people/accounts the account follows.

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