Sunday, May 31, 2009

Was Mancow Waterboarded, No

Clip first.

Video embedded below. (from

Looks pretty bad, but I am not all that convinced. Here is where the controversy comes in. What happened to Mancow was not actually waterboarding.

We have some emails from which suggest the whole thing was meant as a hoax. Mancow denies these charges (see video source link).

The problem I see goes beyond that. If it really was meant as a hoax you would think Mancow would have used it to confirm his belief that waterboarding is not torture. My problem, shared by others, is that what happened was not actually simulated drowning (as waterboarding is) but actual drowning.

As Ace so delicately puts it: (language Content Warning)

"He got "waterboarded" by some untrained guy -- who now says he had no idea what he was doing, and just guessed based on what he read on Wikipedia.

The "waterboarding" consisted of just pouring a buttload water from a pitcher into his mouth until he coughed it up.

Mancow sprang up and declared he felt like he was drowning.

Idiot, you were drowning, you stupid douchenozzle.

That's why it felt "just like you were drowning." See how that works? Like if I pour lighter fluid all over my genitals and then ignite it, it will feel just like my hog is on fire.

The guy they used had never waterboarded anyone before and had no idea what he was doing and did it all wrong. He was not waterboarding Mancow he was drowning him. Mancow was not secured and was in the wrong position. They also used way to much water to fast and in the wrong way.

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