Thursday, May 14, 2009

Obama to Israel - 'Do Not Surprise us With a Strike on Iran', Israel to Obama - 'OK'

Obama sent a message to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu telling him not to surprise us with a strike on Iran. Israel responded with what amounts to an 'ok'. Keep in mind that their was nothing in this communication about actually striking Iran, just doing so without telling us. This is almost a comical non-story.

Of course Israel would tell the US. If Israel wants to bomb Iran they either have to go through or skirt the boarder of Iraq. Israel does not want to risk an accidental shoot down of what would be the US forces blowing unidentified 'boggy(s)' out of the sky. Given the assets we have in the region combined with the relative small size of Israel, I am not sure they could launch a mission that large without our noticing even if they did not tell us.

Just because they let us know does not mean they will listen to us if we say no. If Israel decides to bomb Iran it will be because they fear for their very existence. Besides saying "no need for you to do that, our planes are on the way", I do not think that anything we say will change their mind.

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