Monday, May 11, 2009

Bad 'Air Force One' Photo (From Photo op) Proves The Conspiracy?

Does that bad 'Air Force One' photo from the photo op prove the conspiracy?

Before getting into the point it is important to tone down 'conspiracy'. We are not talking about some grand plot to take over the world, we are talking about a reason that is other then the stated. That includes any reason other than for the photo op; most probobly some sort of special tour for supporters, but not limited to that.

Back to the point at hand. I pointed out before that the picture they released was a rather bad shot. As far as glamor shots go, especially $350k+ glamor shots, this almost has to be looked at as a failure (Berman Post: Fixing the 'Air Force One' NYC Photo op Picture). Some are now saying that that the bad picture is evidence that the photo op was not the real goal.

There is one other interesting fact about the photo the White House released. The Exif (Exchangeable image file format) data is not present. The Exif data is automatically embedded in the photo with information pertaining to the shot. Not all cameras generate Exif data, but most do. That data is found in other White House photos, it is of potential note that it is absence in this one. A possible reason that the information may have been removed, it might show that the image was captures with a cheap pocket camera. That would fuel the argument that the glamor shot was not the point of the flight.

Much of this could be cleared up if the Obama administration released a full list of all those present on the flight (crew, passengers...). People are asking why the Obama administration has not released the list already; the speculation is that their must be something they are hiding.

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