Friday, May 15, 2009

The National Debt Road Trip (Federal Deficit Visualized)

Thoughts underneath the video.

Video embedded below. (from

Here is an important quote regarding the base line information used in making the video.

"Actually (and I would do this over again if I could) I calculated the future debt with regards to inflation (I assumed about 1.5% inflation per year) so that President Obama is going slower than if I just used his own numbers. I tried to bend the numbers to Obama’s advantage, not because I agree with him, but so that there is no room for the accusation of number fudging."

The simple translation is that Obama is actually driving faster then stated in the video. It actually gets worse. As I posted at Berman Post: US GDP Dropped 6.1% in The First Quarter of 2009, the economy is doing worse then projected. Worse then projected translates into less government revenue from taxes. Less tax revenue means a higher deficit. That higher deficit means that Obama is driving even faster.

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