Thursday, May 21, 2009


If you like Tetris, but do not like playing by yourself, Blockles may just be the perfect game for you. The best way to describe Blockles is to say that it is multi-player battle Tetris. You can play with up to six other people, but can play by yourself if you want. The game plays is the same as standard Tetris. The difference is in the items you can collect. When ever you complete a line you an item appears on your board. When you complete a line with items in it, the items move to your queue ready for you to use it. You can not skip around, and must use which ever is at the top first. To use the item you click the number of the player you want to use it on. You are number 1. The items range from lowering a screen, raising a screen, clearing a screen, to switching screens with a target. Clearing a few lines at the same time gives lines to everyone else instantly. Clear two lines and everyone else goes up one, clear three and everyone goes up two, or clear four and everyone else goes up three.

The longer the game goes on, the faster the piece fall. You can also play without items at the site. You can see the status of your opponents via a window below their number. If you get knocked out of the game but their are still others playing the round, you lose any items left in your queue but get three new ones to get revenge on a survivor. After someone wins, the next round begins.

Head on over to to play.

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