Saturday, June 6, 2009

Obama Speaking at Buchenwald And Normandy

Obama speaking at Buchenwald (Germany).

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Obama speaking at Normandy (France).

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Obama made no apology for the bombing Dresden as had been thought he would (Berman Post: Obama to 'Acknowledge How Germany Suffered During WWII' in Dresden). Good decision on his part.

"To be fair, though, Obama has not gone overboard on this trip as he did on his first apology tour of Europe. In fact, contrary to my prediction, he managed to get in and out of Dresden without apologizing for the city's WWII bombing. That's a good thing. I assume it reflects his awareness of the negative reaction the apology tour engendered. If he's learned from that experience, he should be commended."

There was a bit of a major slip when British Prime Minister Gordon Brown referred to Omaha Beach as "Obama Beach" before correcting himself shortly after.

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