Monday, June 8, 2009

Major Attack Thwarted on Israeli-Gaza Border

Ten gunmen using horses loaded with explosives attempted an assault at the Karni cargo crossing (Gaza/Israel). The group is believed to be from Janud Ansar Allah (Soldiers Loyal to Allah) organization. The group has connections with Hizbullah and Iran. IDF soldiers on patrol spotted the gunmen as they were planting bombs, and the two sides engaged. No IDF soldiers were killed, while they were able to kill at least four gunmen. A few of the horses were also killed.

IDF fear that the gunmen were on a kidnapping mission. They did not pursue the survivors for fear that it may have been a trap.

Gaza's government praised the attackers calling the dead martyrs.

Parting thought; these are the people that Israel is supposed to negotiate some sort of peace deal with.

More at,7340,L-3728087,00.html and

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