Friday, October 16, 2009

'Balloon Boy' - "We Did This For a Show"

Falcon Keene, the six year old 'Balloon Boy' who turned out to not be in any danger as he was hiding in his house, created an awkward moment. When asked by his parents on camera why he did not come out of hiding when he heard people calling he said; "Um. You guys said that, hrm, we did this for a show". This was not the first time he and his family have spoken on camera, but it was probobly the most awkward. The statement lends some credence to the notion that this was a publicity stunt, but the kid is six years old. Until I see something more, I think it is safe to say that he might have just be confused and talking about all the interviews they had been / are doing. The family says it was not, and the emergency officials who were there at the time agree.

Video embedded below.

"In an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer, "Balloon Boy" Falcon Keene was asked why he didn't come out from the garage attic when his parents called for him. In response, the 6-year-old said, "Um. You guys said that, hrm, we did this for a show."

Blitzer didn't follow up immediately, but later asked about accusations that all this was a publicity stunt. The parents said it definitely was not. Emergency officials on scene while the incident was in progress reportedly agree.

At this point, who knows what the truth is, but damn, that was one uncomfortable moment.

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