Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Obama Ties Bush in Number of Rounds of Golf Played While President

To be fair and clear; Obama has now tied Bush for rounds of golf played while President, but it should be noted that Bush stopped playing 2 years and ten months into office. That means while he has technically tied what Bush did in 8 years, Bush did not play for more then five of them. Still, Obama is on a clip more than three times as fast as Bush.

I do not begrudge the president a break. That includes rounds of golf or visits to a ranch. I would hope that it really is not as much of a break as people assume, as the president can really work from just about anywhere. That is not to say this does not give off a poor appearance especially considering important decisions that are overdue. The main reason I feel this is worth pointing out is the same reason cited below; the huge double standard and disparate treatment by the 'main stream' press for Obama and Bush.


"This wouldn't be particularly important if not for the fact that the press made a point of criticizing our previous president for overindulging in exercise and recreation and supposedly "vacationing" too often at his ranch in Crawford, Texas.

But they did, so a Tweet from CBS White House correspondent Mark Knoller is worth noting:


Politico's Click blog picked up the story and put this twist on the tweet: "President Obama Ties George W. Bush on Golf."


Hmm. Since when does "two years and 10 months" not get rounded up to "almost three years?" Maybe it's because giving readers the incorrect impression that Obama has played golf more than twice as much as Bush (2 years vs. 9 months) is a little more palatable than the idea that he's actually played almost four times as much (34 months for Bushs's 24 rounds vs. 9 months for Obama's two dozen).

Bush 43 gave up golf after that 24th round in 2003 because he didn't think it was right to be playing during wartime.


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