Friday, October 23, 2009

Meal-Knife Used in Attempted Plane Hijacking

What has been a comic punch line became a frighting reality. The joke is that they will not let you take a bottle of water (or insert your own seemingly inert object), but they give you a knife to eat the in flight meal. A Sudanese man used the knife he was give to eat his meal and used it to try and hijack the plane. He was overpowered by security before he could hurt anyone.

"A security official for Egypt Air says security guards thwarted an attempted hijacking by overpowering a man who threatened crew with a knife on a flight from Istanbul to Cairo.

The official says a Sudanese man used a knife from the in-flight meal to threaten crew and demand that the flight be diverted to Jerusalem. He says guards on the flight were able to detain the man and no one was hurt.

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