Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Robert Gates - 'Obama Can Not Wait Troop Decision on Afghan Government Legitimacy'

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates basically called on Obama to stop delaying his decision on troop levels. Obama is now waiting on the resolution of the legitimization of the Afghan government which has recently announced a run off is to be held.

This is really not complicated in my book; have a mission, give the commanders enough personnel/material/support to complete the mission, or bring them home. The middle ground is a pointless waist of blood and treasure.

My vote is to complete the mission. (via)

"The United States cannot wait for problems surrounding the legitimacy of the Afghan government to be resolved before making a decision on troops, U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said.

Gates, speaking to reporters on board a plane traveling to Tokyo, described the situation in Afghanistan as an evolutionary process that would not improve dramatically overnight, regardless of what course is taken following the country's flawed August election.

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