Monday, October 26, 2009

Obama Chooses Engagement With Sudan

What is wrong with Obama choosing to engage with Sudan, or at least his method. It is more the method then action. It is harder to put it much clearer then Allahpundit did, though I helped a bit with some strategic bolding. (bold mine)

"The new State Department assessment of Darfur is that genocide is indeed still taking place there, a rebuke to “Cookies” Gration’s own belief that merely the, ahem, “remnants” of genocide are now present. Presumably that rhetoric is The One’s way of keeping the heat on Bashir internationally, as a concession to angry human-rights activists, but it means we’re now in the surreal position of offering “gold stars” to a regime which, by our own admission, is still engaged in crimes against humanity. There’s something to mull over in an idle moment while you’re watching football tomorrow."

Any "Save Darfur" protesters feel like commenting? Feel free to pick up your jaw from the floor first.

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