Saturday, October 31, 2009

White House Set a Trap With Thier Web Site?

Did the White House sets a trap for conservative bloggers with their web site? Whether accidental or intentional the answer seems to be yes. It worked, as a number of people took the bait; rightly assuming that the official White House website should not and would not be used for such games.

"Think Progress is quick to bash the Right for claiming certain names were on the WH visitor's list that were not the people they appear to be. I neither know nor care what was released to the media. But I know for a fact the disclaimer below was nowhere to be seen when I clicked in before I did my post. And the list was embedded, which it is not now."

Some are not 'buying it';

"Yeah. Right. "False positives"? That's a good one.

We just happen to have a "William Ayers" and a "Jeremiah Wright" on the administration's visitors' list along with Thomas Daschle, Howard Dean, Kim Gandy, Edward Kennedy, John Podesta, and Andrew Stern - all Democratic-Socialist power hitters [source].

Yep, those crazy conservatives sure are wacked out. I mean, William Ayers was "just a guy who lived in Obama's neighborhood," remember? Besides, it's not like Obama actually heard Reverend Wright preach hatred of America in nearly 20 years of attending those sermons.

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