Monday, October 12, 2009

Another Look at Obama Winning The Nobel Peace Prize

Despite being to 'stunned' to react immediately to the news that Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, NoOilForPacifists was kind enough to link to my round up of reaction. Unlike Saturday Night Live (SNL), Reason TV and Perfunction, he takes a more serious and in depth look though adds a good amount of satire.

Let me take this post to make sure I was clear when I talk about winning the prize presenting a possible Constitutional problem for fear of potential political manipulation. I highly doubt that anyone will challenge it, nor would such a challenge go anywhere, nor would a request for approval from congress fail to garner near unanimous support. I bring it up as more of an interesting legal question that pops up from time to time then anything else.

Head over to read why, as NoOilForPacifists has "observed before -- the Peace Prize is "now reserved for anti-American or anti-Western kooks." Even when the winners are Americans."

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