Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nobel Peace Prize Meant as Political Manipulation?

Was the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Obama meant as political manipulation? That is what Rush Limbaugh thinks, John Bolton too (scroll down for the clip). The notion of a politician being influenced by a gift or title is likely the impetus behind making accepting those unconstitutional without prior consent from congress and why Obama accepting the Nobel Peace Prize may be unconstitutional.

It may be the reason, though I think it was more a 'shot' at Bush. I also think if it was the reason it would be an unmitigated failure. Obama is not going to change his policies because he won. It did not stopping us from bombing the moon. I think he should have used the opportunity to announce he was going to commit the 40,000 extra troops to Afghanistan. Obama is going to donate the prize money to charity. Of course, they already gave it to him. There can not be a threat that he has to do something to win it. In fact, it could have the opposite effect. If it was one of Obama's goals to win the peace prize, he can now scratch that off his list. That means he is free to invade, strike, bomb... till his heart is content and still die having won the peace prize.

Video embedded below.

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