Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Russia Balks at New Tough Sanctions

Russia is backing off the idea of passing new tough sanctions against Iran. What was the point of scrapping the Eastern European Missile Defense Shield? You know, the missile shield that Russia wants further retreat on. The shield Russia wanted us to drop despite having their own on the North Korea border. The shield Obama hinted he would drop if Russia promised to help us with Iran, Russia said no, Obama publicly made the offer, and without getting a commitment scrapped anyway. A shield which we really need.

If Russia is not going to help, hopefully the expedited bunker-busters will convince Iran to stop. That or Israel may be forced to take action.

"Russia publicly pushed back Tuesday against U.S. efforts to threaten tough new sanctions if Iran fails to prove its nuclear program is peaceful, dealing an apparent setback to President Barack Obama's hopes for Moscow's backing for fresh penalties against Tehran.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Moscow believed such threats were "counterproductive" and that only negotiations should be pursued now.

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