Monday, March 2, 2009

Obama to Drop Missile Shield For Russian Help Stopping Iran?

A Russian newspaper is reporting that Obama has offered to drop the missile shield in Europe in exchange for Russian help in stopping Iran from going nuclear. The logic goes that if the only reason we want/need a missile shield in Europe is to protect them from Iran, then if Iran is never going to get the nuke then the shield is pointless. This only makes sense if you make two fundamental assumptions. The first is that Russian help is sufficient to stop Iran from going nuclear. The second is that no other crazy dictator will be able to threaten Europe with a nuclear missile.

Both assumptions are likely false. Russian help would likely slow down the Iranians, but not stop them. Also, the notion that no other crazy dictator will try to get their hands on nukes has already been proven false. North Korea already has them, and it is strongly suspected that the Israelis recently set the Syrian program back with a bombing run and brief incursion.

I am not familiar with the source so it might not be accurate, but what they are reporting seems inline with what Obama has been hinting at.

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