Thursday, July 9, 2009

Obama to Russia - 'Stop Iran From Going Nuclear And we Will Scrap Missile Shield'

Obama offered a deal to Russia. The essence is that if they stop Iran from going nuclear we will not deploy a ballistic missile shield in Eastern Europe. It is good that Obama did not simply throw the missile shield away for some sort of good will in talks. He instead has placed a marker offering the deal. While Iran presents among the most pressing need for a ballistic missile shield, it is not the only reason. North Korea is also up their, as is accidental launches. Terrorists capturing a silo, especially possible in Pakistan, is another reason for the need. It likely does not matter though as Russia probobly will do nothing in regard to Iran. That means that we should be moving ahead with the missile shield program.

"President Obama today offered to scrap plans for a missile defence shield in Eastern Europe if Russia helped to stop Iran developing a nuclear bomb.
Russia strongly opposes US plans to site the missile shield in Poland and the Czech Republic, which Washington says is necessary to defend against a surprise attack from Iran. Mr Obama made clear that he was willing to strike a deal with the Kremlin.

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