Thursday, July 16, 2009

Obama Pitch at The All-Star Game‎ Would Have Bounced

The report on Obama's ceremonial pitch at the All-Star Game was; "President Barack Obama was true to his word: He didn't bounce it" (Berman Post: Obama Throws Out First Pitch at The All-Star Game). We had to rely on the commentary because the video angle did not show the ball when it reached the home plate. While technically the commentary was truthful it was a little disingenuous. The ball does not appear to have bounced, but that is only because the catcher who was already standing on the plate (not behind where one usually stands) took a step forward and reached for it. The ball would have hit the ground before reaching the plate and bounced. To see the better angle head to and skip to second 24.

Andy McCarthy talks about the pomp and circumstance around the pitch ( The main point is why any booing at all really says something. McCarthy also thinks the ball did actually bounce. It did not look to me like it did. Feel free to weigh in if so inclined.

A comparison is also being made with G. W. Bush's famous first pitch. Head to 3:30 if you do not want to see the back story. If you have not heard it before I would recommend watching it.

Video embedded below. (from

Bush wins hands down.

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