Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Confirmation Hearing For Sotomayor - Day Three

It did not look like anything special happened today. It was more of Sotomayor saying 'the right things' to try to reduce the controversy around her. There were some minor issues, but nothing that appeared to be derailing. I am a bit surprised to see as much negative from reaction on the left to her back peddling on past statements ( It still seems likely that she will be confirmed, and the majority of the public agrees.

Here is the latest Rasmussen poll:

"Ninety percent (90%) now say her confirmation is likely while only four percent (4%) say it is not.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 37% of voters now favor her confirmation while 43% are opposed.

Transcripts from today (four parts because of length):

The Washington Post's more organized breakdown:

"Key Excerpts: Article I | Caseloads | Congressional Regulatory Authority | Commercial Practice | Judicial Activism | Search and Seizure Warrants | Right to Bear Arms | Abortion | Separation of Powers | Civil Rights | 'Wise Latina' Comment | Archives: Day One, Day Two

Questioning by Senators:| Cardin | | Franken | Specter | Kaufman |Klobuchar | Whitehouse | Coburn | Cardin | Cornyn | Leahy | Sessions | Kohl | Hatch | Feinstein | Grassley | Feingold | Kyl | Schumer | Graham | Durbin

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