Sunday, October 18, 2009

Obama's Foes Are Not Race-Driven Says Democracy Corps (a Democratic Organization)

A Democratic organization called Democracy Corps found that conservative opposition to Obama is not race related or racial. The opposition is policy based with the belief that Obama is taking our country in the wrong direction.

Obama's race may have helped him during the election. This study did not look if he was aided similarly here. That is because they were focusing on his opponents, not his supporters. It would be interesting to see such a study.

Rhetorican jokingly says that no one should tell Garofalo. You may remember some of her statements to the contrary.

"Racism is not a factor driving conservative opposition to President Barack Obama, according to the results of focus groups conducted by Democracy Corps, a Democratic organization, released on Friday.
Rather than attributing their dislike of Obama to race, participants in the focus groups, which were a project of Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, said that their disaffection was borne out of a sense that the president was orchestrating an effort to steer the country away from its “founding principles.”

“They want him to fail,” said pollster Stan Greenberg. “It’s not just a political motivation, it’s an ethical imperative given what they think Obama’s goals are.”

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