Monday, October 19, 2009

'BlackBerry Watch' - "inPulse" (Smart Watch)

"inPulse", the first smart watch, may be publicly announced shortly. Here is a little preview. It is not technically speaking a BlackBerry watch (will not have a BlackBerry logo), but it is clearly one of the main targets and designed with that brand in mind. The watch would sinc with you smart phone, and alert you when you get a new message or alarm goes off. More then just alert you, it can display the text. The advantage is obvious. Right now when you phone vibrates, you do not know if it is really important. You have to take your phone out to check. In the middle of class or work that could be problematic. It could also be a problem if you hands are just full. With the watch, you can see the message an know if it requires your immediate response or not. No more guessing or awkward moments checking your phone at inappropriate times when it turns out to be not necessary.

Picture embedded below.

BlackBerry Watch

"Key features we've been told so far about the BlackBerry-connected smartwatch by our source:

  • it has been designed specifically for use with BlackBerry Smartphones from the ground up - developed by a new BlackBerry-dedicated accessory company

  • it features an OLED screen that we hear is "big, bright and beautiful" and optimized for displaying text clearly, and thanks to OLED has solid battery life

  • it's designed to show you notifications and previews of messages arriving on your BlackBerry

  • judging by the filename of the photos as they were sent in to us, we're thinking it's going to branded the inPulse smartwatch

The intent of the watch isn't to replace using your BlackBerry to view messages. Rather, it's for those occassions when your BlackBerry is tucked away - while in a meeting, while driving, or while you're out for a bike ride and you feel it vibrating in your camelback. When you get that impulse to stop what you're doing and pull out your BlackBerry, now you can quickly glance over at your inPulse and decide if you need to pull out your BlackBerry to address that message now or if it can wait fifteen minutes you're free.



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