Monday, October 19, 2009

Debris Plume Spotted in 'Moon Bombing'

A debris plume has been spotted from the 'Moon Bombing'. Still no word yet regarding if it confirmed the water detected on the moon. The photo is not much, but it is better then the thermal images. Given the height of the plume, there are almost certainly no pictures taken from earth waiting in the wings.

Picture embedded below.

NASA LCROSS Moon crash 'bomb': plume impact image. NASA LCROSS Moon crash mission: debris plume spotted

"Scientists had feared that the plume had been too small to be captured, as both observers on Earth and the Hubble Space Telescope failed to spot anything.

However, the spacecraft trailing behind the rocket, which itself hurtled into the Moon four minutes later, spotted a faint trace of ejecta rising around a kilometre (0.6 miles) into space.

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