Friday, July 3, 2009

Iranian Revolution (Day Twenty-One)

Update (7/4/2009):Berman Post: Iranian Revolution (Day Twenty-Two). End of Update:

Five (new?) students executed by hanging in the Kurdish city Kerman (Warning VERY Graphic) (

New video of the protests though the time/date is not very clear (

The British Embassy staff still in Iranian custody will be tried; ( "In London, a Foreign Office spokeswoman said of Jannati's comments that British officials are "very concerned about these reports and are investigating."

In Sweden, which currently holds the rotating EU presidency, Foreign Minister Carl Bildt said "it's not acceptable to file charges against the ones released or the ones still in custody," though he added that the report had not yet been confirmed.

The EU summons all of the Iranian ambassadors for a coordinated protest (

Obama is apparently trying to block new sanctions against Iran; ( [via]) "The United States is opposed to enacting a new set of financial sanctions against Iran that are due to be discussed in the G8 summit next week, diplomatic officials in New York reported Friday.".

Uri Lubrani (former Israeli Ambassador to Iran) says the "United States policies are leading inexorably to a tragedy" (

Ulrike Putz thinks the "EU Stumped on How to Deal with Iran" (,1518,633953,00.html).

Trita Parsi says to the the Iranian opposition, "Nothing Is Over" (

"Israel sends sub through Suez Canal" ( A sign?

"Germany sold torture devices to Iranian mullahs" (

Interesting (long) article at

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  1. Reference the five hanged. This is an old video, p reported to be of kids that were into or smuggling drugs last year. I think it was because they were gay.

    It matters not much to them, as they are dead now.

    But please don't post stuff that is not connected to the protests. It does the protesters no good.

    Papa Ray

  2. @Papa Ray - It was not my intention to embed a video that was unrelated to the protests. There were credible reports a few days ago that Protesters were being hung for political activities and then I was sent this video which was described as people being hung for political activities.


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