Saturday, January 3, 2009

Israel vs Hamas (Day Eight)

The ground invasion of Gaza by Israel has commenced. Another Hamas leader has been killed, though it happened from a bombing before the ground assault. World opinion is mostly what you would expect, but their is notable silence from some in the Arab world, and decent balance from some in Europe. It is not clear how long Israel plans on staying, but my guess would be as short as possible. How short is that; that is anyone's guess. Hamas has likely been preparing for this for the last three years, so it will not be an easy mission for Israel. Significant casualties for those in Gaza is probable, as is the decent probability for them for the IDF (Israeli Defense Force). The main reason for this is the intentional endangering of civilians by Hamas, and Israel's extreme care to not kill the civilians. The result is more civilian and IDF casualties then otherwise would be.

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