Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obama Retakes The Oath of Office

Obama has retaken the Oath of office. Reports say that there were not video cameras present, but that a photograph was taken. No hiccups or missteps from either Obama or Roberts this time around.

There is an interesting philosophical question present here. The 20th Amendment of the US Constitution says that the President and Vice President's terms end at noon. At the same time the President and Vice President elect's terms are supposed to begin. The same amendment says however, if the President elect shall have failed to qualify the the Vice President shall act as president. Biden was sworn in before noon. Obama was not sworn in until a few minutes after. Does that mean that Biden was acting president for a few minutes; maybe. Also, did the botch oath mean that Obama did not qualify until he redid the oath today; probably not.

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Update (1/22/2009): Obama took his second oath without using a Bible. This is being reported as a first (as in no president has taken the oath without a Bible before). More at

There was no video, but the audio has been released.

Video embedded below.

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