Saturday, January 24, 2009

Liberal Groups Condemn Obama's Air Strike ... Just Kidding

In the wake of Obama's first ordered air strike into Pakistan (Berman Post: Obama’s First Airstrike?), liberal groups have been out in force condemning the unnecessary use of violence, the disproportional force applied, the provocative action, and the killing of innocent civilians. Just kidding, they have been totally silent on the matter. If I was a cynical person I might point out how their definition's seem to change based on the party that is in office. Surly though, they must just be working on a very harshly worded statement to present to Obama. has a nice rundown on the total lack of action from the left at More satire over at


  1. A good critique for sure. Where are the liberal pacifists when the violence is being carried out by the Democrats? But geeezus . . . you guys on the Right sure are complainers. Actually it seems like everyone's a complainer.

    At least Obama's airstrike was legal, (Bush started a whole war based on knowingly fabricated evidence), and more appropriately targeted (war on terror is only in Iraq now BECAUSE of 5 years of occupation - Bin Laden is in Afghanistan or Pakistan).

  2. I was not complaining about the strike, merely pointing out the hypocrisy of the "anti-war" liberal groups who tend to be "anti-republican-war groups".

    At Berman Post: Obama’s First Airstrike?, I said:

    "If we know where the terrorists are, and can hit them (without serious repercussions), we should; very simple concept."

    I do not think Obama did anything wrong there, just questioning why those groups are all of a sudden agreeing with me when they disagreed when the same thing was ordered by Bush.


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