Monday, January 12, 2009

Burris to be Seated

In a complete 180 degree turn, the Democratic leadership now says that Burris will be seated as Obama's replacement in the Senate. You may remember the Democrats vowing that no matter who Blagojevich picked the person would not be seated. Then they said that Burris specifically would not be seated. Now they say that he will be allowed to take the seat. Not the best of start for the Democrats in the new congressional session.

"His appointment finally endorsed by U.S. Senate leadership, Roland Burris said today he expects to be sworn in this week as Barack Obama's replacement.

At a news conference this afternoon, Burris, a former Illinois Attorney General, extended an olive branch to the Democrats who had stood in his way after he was nominated by Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

Hot Air has a great blow by blow.

"A refresher on the timeline. After Reid sends Blago a letter co-signed by every last Democrat in the Senate warning him not to appoint anyone, the state legislature huddles and decides it’s going to pass a bill making the seat subject to a special election. No bill emerges. Blago then flips Reid the bird by appointing Burris, drawing new warnings plus a rebuke from The One himself, who declares that Congress “cannot accept an appointment made by a governor who is accused of selling this very Senate seat.” Enter Bobby Rush, demagoging the hell out of anyone who so much as looks at Burris cross-eyed. Burris shows up to Congress and is turned away, supposedly because the secretary of state refused to sign his certificate of appointment. Then he meets with Reid, who, it turns out, has gotten a phone call from Obama urging him to make this go away. Suddenly the secretary of state has a change of heart, Reid and Durbin have a change of heart, and Burris is officially the senator-designate, insisting all the while that he’s never played racial politics even as he’s paraphrasing Malcolm X about being seated by any means necessary. Did I miss anything?

Exit question: The boss calls this Harry Reid’s humiliation. Isn’t it just as much Obama’s humiliation, too?



  1. These particular Democrats are not ready for prime time.

  2. From an African American perspective, this is what really happened. Blagojevich, Roland Burris, and the black community all outsmarted the bogus Chicago news media and the Democratic Party. They compelled the Democratic Party to seat Roland Burris, not the MESSIAH Obama!! Obama jumped on the bandwagon at the last minute. First, Blagojevich skillfully redirected the attention from himself (temporarily) to the racist Harry Reid. Next, Roland Burris, who was ostracicized by both the media and the Democratic Party, took the legal opportunity to accept Blago’s appointment.
    Then, the black community became aware of the secret deals made by whites to exclude them and demanded redress.
    Consequently, the democrats decided to back down a little. Suddenly, Dick Durbin came up with an asinine idea to halt the process and wait for a NEW governor to select a NEW candidate. This drove some of the opposition into a frenzy. Some threatened to vote for a Republican in 2010. At last, cooler heads prevailed, and the Democratic Party finally decided to follow the law.


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