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Operation Cast Lead (Day Nineteen)

New analysis suggests that despite heavy losses and apparent instances where people have refused to follow order, Hamas regime may not even be close to collapse. The reasoning focuses on the number of Hamas killed or injured compared to the total number of presumed people in the military wing of the organization. Such conclusions are really impossible to make given the nature of Hamas, but I think they are in a lot more trouble then they are letting on. Even if they survive the current conflict, they may have to face a civil war of sorts as the leadership is criticized for going into hiding and some of the more active fighters want to take power. (More at

Israel may have to deal with this war on another front; a legal attack by International Court of Justice courtesy of the United Nation. The United Nations is considering requesting an advisory opinion from them on the matter. In preparation, Israel has put together the "Incrimination Team" who's job it is to collect evidence that can be used to defend Israeli military commanders against any future lawsuits. The legal attack against Hamas for using human shields, hiding weapons in hospitals, purposely targeting Israeli civilians... is ... not happening. Anyone surprised; doubt it. (More at and

At least three more rockets were fired at Israel today fired from Lebanon. Israel returned fire targeting the source of the attacks. It is believed that only one of the rockets landed in Israel, the others landing in Lebanon. Lebanese security officials said that eight shells (from the Israeli counter strike) landed in Lebanon. This is the second such incident since the beginning of current operations renewing fears that a second military front could be opening. Lebanese troops reported that they found three more rockets set to fire a few hours after the initial launch that they dismantled before they went off. The area the rockets came from is controlled in part by United Nations peacekeeping forces. This is not good news for those hoping that a cease-fire involving peacekeepers in Gaza could ensure and end to missile launches. (More at

In past days there have been a few anti-Semitic attacks listed, but they came along with the note that not all of them could be because there were/are to many to list in these daily updates. To give you an idea of just how many, as of yesterday there were at least 55 anti-Semitic attacks since the beginning of this operation in France alone. (More at

Hamas has apparently upgraded their arsenal. For the first time they used a phosphorus weapon in one of their rockets. Phosphorus is not a chemical weapon, and it is not illegal to use, but it is only supposed to be used to create a smoke screen or illuminate an area. The rocket caused not injuries or damage. Israel has been accused of using phosphorus weapons, and Israel has maintained that it only uses them in accordance with international law. (More at,, and

Bolivia has now broken diplomatic ties with Israel over the fighting in Gaza. Bolivia's President Morales also said that Olmert should be tried for genocide. Israel did not have an embassy in Bolivia. The closets Israeli ambassador to Bolivia is situated in Peru. (More at,7340,L-3656275,00.html.)

Updated operation statistics from I have no independent confirmation and the source is in Hebrew, but it seems to be inline with what is generally being reported. Time is Israeli timezone.

"5:42 PM Number of Gazans killed in IDF ground op reaches 1004.

13 killed (10 IDF soldiers, 3 civilians)
172 wounded (38 still hospitalized)
250 psychological trauma (shell shock)
734 Qassam, Katyusha and GRAD rockets hit Israel from Gaza
192 cars damaged as "total loss"
1000 homes damaged
8 Educational Buildings damaged

1004 Palestinians killed (at least 400 positively identified by IDF as Hamas terrorists)
4550 wounded (200 in serious condition)
4800 homes damaged
13 mosques destroyed
24 hospitals partially damaged
192 smuggling tunnels destroyed
1300 targets hit
70 captured Hamas terrorists


In what appears to be an authentic audio tape, Osama Bin Laden told Muslims to launch a jihad against Israel. He also condemned Arab governments that were friendly with Israel. (More at and

Please note that unlike the news stories above, not all the videos are from today. That does not mean that they are not worth watching, which indeed they are. They are also not present anywhere else in this serious of posts, meaning no repeats.

German police have apologized for ripping down an Israeli flag (two actually). The video does a good job of explaining what happen, but here are the basics. A pro-Hamas rally was heading down a street in Germany. A supporter of Israel hung an Israeli flag in his window and off his balcony. Then, he and his girlfriend went down to the street across from his building to watch the protesters walk by. Upon seeing the flag, people in the protest began pelting the window and the side of the building (probobly aiming for the window). Instead of arresting the agitators, the German police broke into the apartment to tear down the flag. (More at

Video embedded below.

Anti-Israel protesters attack a car in Los Angeles that drives by the demonstration with an Israeli flag.

Video embedded below.

Ending on a comedic note, this next video is from Eretz Nehederet. It is an Israeli comedy show. They are making fun of the bias news coverage against Israel, and more specifically the BBC. (More at

Video embedded below.

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