Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Liberal Legislation Watch List

Now that the results of the 2008 election are mostly settled and most of the politicians sworn in, with sizable majorities in both houses of the legislature and presidency controlled the Democrats, it is time to take a look forward to see what is likely on their legislative agenda. The focus will be on those that will receive the most resistance from the Republicans. This should serve as a check list of sorts. They are in no specific order. Please comment with any you think we may have missed and feel free to rank them or put them in some sort of order if you would like.

1) The Fairness Doctrine
2) Card Check
3) The Freedom of Choice Act
4) $xx0 billion new bailout
5) Tax hikes
6) Nationalize health care
7) Slash military spending
8) Protectionist economics
9) Cap and Trade (carbon credits)
10) Withdrawal from Iraq
11) Kill/tax 401(k) plans
12) Free college education for everyone
13) Welfare
14) Ban off shore drilling / domestic fossil fuel production
15) Massive new public work programs
16) Gay Marriage / Anti Defense of Marriage Act / repeal of Defense of Marriage Act
17) Dismantle the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp
18) Gun Control
19) Government Controlled Industries.
20) Submitting to the International Criminal Court
21) The Rights of the Child Treaty
22) The Convention for the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women
23) The Law of the Sea Treaty
24) Embryonic Stem cell research
25) Shutting down Guantanamo Bay

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