Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obama Skips The "Salute to Heroes Inaugural Ball"

Obama is the first President to not attend the "Salute to Heroes Inaugural Ball" since it began in 1953. That is 14 inaugurations. The Ball honors Medal of Honor recipients. More over at

Update (1/22/2009):
A commenter has suggested that the Salute to Heroes Inaugural Ball was not held this year. All evidence that I can find points to the contrary. Not only did the ball take place, but 48 Medal of Honor recipients were there. That number represents most of the recipients who were physically able to attend. As another commenter points out, Biden did show up so there had to have been the event. More at


  1. There was no Salute to Heroes ball. The American Legion, which sponsered it, did not hold it this year. Maybe they are spending their money on vet's needs that have been sorely neglected for the past 8 years. Check the Legion website then post an apology

  2. Your info is incorrect. There was a Salute to Veterans Ball. I attended.

  3. email from the American legion
    From: Roberts, Craig R. croberts@legion. org
    Subject: Salute to Heroes inaugural event
    To: larry@nam-vet. net
    Cc: "March, Joseph H." jmarch@legion. org
    Date: Thursday, January 22, 2009, 11:56 AM

    Good afternoon Mr. Stimeling,

    The American Legion, as it has since on every inauguration day since
    1953, hosted the Salute to Heroes Inaugural Banquet & Ball on
    January 20th. The quadrennial event is co-sponsored with fourteen
    fellow veterans service and military service organizations and honors
    recipients of the Medal of Honor. Forty-seven of these heroes
    attended this year's event which was held in the Renaissance
    Washington DC Hotel.

    President Obama was invited but did not attend. Vice-President Joe
    Biden did appear, however, and was very warmly received.

    Thanks for your inquiry.

    Craig Roberts

    Media Relations Manager

    The American Legion

    1608 K Street, NW

    Washington, DC 20006

    202.263.2982 (direct)

  4. Straight from an Obama supporter, there was a Salute to Heros Ball and the Prez did not attend:

  5. Or this one:

  6. Sorry, but there was no "Salute to heroes" Ball. There was, however, a "Commander in Chiefs" Ball, honoring the currently serving, which Obama attended. In fact, you know that there was media coverage of him and his wife dancing with enlisted men.

    It is a sad day in our history when people like you commit treason from day one of a president's term.




  7. There was a "Salute to Heroes", Obama did not attend, and if you believe something to the contrary please provide a link to your source.

    As for the "Treason" charge; when did it become treason in this country to point out that the President did not attend an event. If that really was the standard, millions or tens of millions of people would have been taken out back and shot for what they did in relation to President Bush.

  8. My source, a young wounded Marine, who attended the Salute to Heroes Ball, confirmed the no show President. He also confirmed that Joe Biden did show up briefly and very late into the evening. Many had already departed, inclunding the emcee of the event. WTG Barak, this is going to be a long 4 years. Also, the American Legion is not responsible for Vets needs. That would be the V.A.

  9. All of you check out this link:

  10. Veterans Inaugural Ball is not the same as the Salute To Heroes Inaugural Ball. People from the Salute To Heroes Inaugural Ball have confirmed to multiple sources that the ball did take place, Obama did not show (was invited), and Biden came at the end of the event.

  11. To the skeptics,

    Here's your link:

  12. Anonymous said:
    It is a sad day in our history when people like you commit treason from day one of a president's term...Treason...Treason...Treason.

    You want treason? I'll give ya treason. The Democratic Socialist Party Movement in Illinois, ACORN, social sessions with Ayers, the fact that we can't figure out where the hell he really came from...all of those things are treason. The fact that we encourage people that expect us to feed them, to reproduce!?! All of those things are treason.

    The facts are not treason. He didn't go.

    I'd dearly love to know where you live. But I'm bettin' it isn't Detroit.

    'Bama and his buds have done such a bang-up job of community-organizing in Detroit, that it's become the place to be. Right?

    Ultimately the 'change' BO keeps talking about, will be all that's left in our pocket when it's done.

  13. I'll keep my freedoms, my money, and my guns. You keep the change.

  14. Hey all you Anonymous bloggers,

    We will keep the truth as well. Every one of your comments were disproven by facts accompanied by links. It amazes me that we have gotten to the point now where you feel you don't even have to spin, just lie.

    Brett (not ashamed to sign my name) Hyde

  15. It is a fact that there were to be 3 military-centric balls this year. The first was the Commander in Chief Ball, which was one of the 10 "official" balls held. Bush instituted this ball in 05. Obama decided to continue the new tradition and he and Michele were there and danced with militry personal and also had a "live feed" to servicement in Iraq, that were Illinois natives. The "Veterans Ball" (not one of the "official" balls) was the one that was cancelled at the last minute because they realized the promoter Dante Hayes's had dissappeared. Wikipedia has a nice list of the "official" and "unoffical" balls so you can see the difference.
    The Obama's attended all 10 of the "official" balls. "Salute to Heroes" was an "unofficial" ball. Since this story NEVER popped up on any REAL conservative news outlets, I have to believe that there really was, NO snub. The story only lives on some small time blogs, the main source everyone seems to be quoting is the clevelandleader blog and that story was posted by some named "Julie", no last name. Since I do not pretend to understand the ins and outs of inaugural etiquette and no one person (Limbaugh?) or publication with a name that I recoginze has covered this, I don't believe any politcal faux pas occured, rather, just as the rep. from American Legion stated, the VP was there and the logistical problems were understandable...


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