Thursday, January 15, 2009

Operation Cast Lead (Day Twenty)

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) admitted to employing terrorists at its schools. They also admit to supplying children with textbooks that contain hate speech speech as well as other incendiary information. The UNRWA has no active system meant keep members of terrorist groups off the payroll. They claim to be free of terrorist workers now, but with no form of screening it is a bold claim to make. That is especially bold considering their is no formal monitoring or enforcement for the staff. It is nice that they finally admit to it, but it comes as no surprise to anyone paying attention. It would be nicer if they would start doing something to rectify the situation, but I am not holding my breath. (More at,2933,479940,00.html and

The Israeli Air Force killed Said Siam who is the Interior Minister of Hamas. He is the most senior official to be killed in the current offensive. Salah Abu Shreh (head of Hamas' security apparatus) and Mahmoud Watfah (Hamas' military commander in Gaza City) were also killed in the strike. (More at

The UN headquarters in Gaza was hit by a few shells fired by Israel after Hamas attacked from nearby the compound during the humanitarian cease-fire. United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon expressed outrage that the building was attacked. Olmert said of the incident that it was very sad and did not want it to happen again, but put the blame on Hamas for operating nearby. (More at,, and

The divide between the leadership of Hamas within the Gaza Strip and without is intensifying. Those from within Gaza are sounding more willing to agree to a truce. Those from without want the war to continue until Israel is expelled. The difference is understandable. Those in Gaza must realize that they are being pounded and the only way to make it stop is to give in to some extent to what Israel wants. Hamas leaders outside of Gaza are willing to sacrifice those in Gaza to try to achieve victory. While Hamas in Gaza is worried about surviving, Hamas without is worried about losing sources of funding. (More at and

No Shirt, No Shoes, Israeli -> No Service! A Muslim Cafe owner in New Zealand refused to serve two Israeli woman because they were Israeli. He said this was in protest to the fighting in Gaza. Race Relations Commissioner Joris de Bres said that refusing to serve them was against the law, but the owner is unrepentant and unconcerned. (More at

The international Red Cross has said that their is no evidence to suggest that Israel has used white phosphorus shells in a manner that is illegal or improper. That lack of evidence did not stop a human rights organization from making those accusations in the first place. The IDF reiterated that it only uses uses phosphorus shells in compliance with international law. (More at

Despite apologizing for breaking in to a flat to tear down two Israeli flags, German Police can not confirm that they will not take Israeli flags away from counter demonstrators marching against an anti-Israel protest this Saturday. (More at

Please note that unlike the news stories above, not all the videos are from today. That does not mean that they are not worth watching, which indeed they are. They are also not present anywhere else in this serious of posts, meaning no repeats.

Picking off Hamas members without killing civilians is a difficult job, especially because Hamas tactically used civilians as human shields. The Israeli Air Force has released a video showing a number of aborted bomb runs to avoid killing civilians. In this video, the bombs have been released and are heading toward the target, when the target (Hamas) moves to a area with many civilians around. The pilots redirect the bombs to land away from the target as to not cause civilian deaths.

Video embedded below.

In London, pro-Hamas supporters destroy a Star Bucks. Why; according to the post it is because of a false rumor that Star Bucks was going to donate some money to Israel. The funny part in the video is where the vandals appear to be yelling "Shame on You" to the police officers as they destroy the store. (More at

Video embedded below.

Proper use of a Human Shield. If someone throws a grenade at you, I think it is ok for you to pick them up and shield yourself from the blast if to save your life. That is exactly what this IDF company commander did after being ambushed by terrorists. The video is in Hebrew, but their are English captions. (

Video embedded below.

Here is an animated Gaza Rocket Range Map from Benyamin Netanyahu’s website (

Animation embedded below.

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