Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stimulus (Bailout) Passes The House

The bailout has passed in the House. The vote was 244 for and 188 against (roll call at Not a single Republican voted in favor of the bill. Eleven Democrats joined the Republicans, but the Democratic numeric superiority in the House was sufficient to pass it by a margin of almost 60 regardless. If the bailout passes the Senate as well, the Republicans are going to turn this into an albatross and hang it around the Democrat's necks. If the bill passes the Senate in the same fashion, the Democrats truly do own this. No amount of media spin can turn "no Republican votes" into "bipartisan effort". If the bill falls flat and the economy does not turn around, the Democrats could take a sizable hit in the midterm elections.

For a nice rundown of some of the ridicules spending; projects that seem like such a waste of money that they seem to beg a name change for the bill from stimulus or bailout to pork, head over to and

The NRSC had already put out an ad called Trillion to go after Harry Reid as well as the bailout.

Video embedded below.

Here is Pelosi celebrating the bill being past.

Video embedded below.

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