Sunday, January 18, 2009

Operation Cast Lead (Day Twenty-Three)

The first reported violation of the cease-fire reported by is being called into question by a few as it has not been reported elsewhere. That said, the cease-fire has been violated and many times over. The first reported violation of the cease fire (as reported by a main stream source) happened about six hours after it was announced. Hamas gunman opened fire at the IDF who returned fire. The skirmish expanded a bit as mortars were fired into Israel and the IAF and a few tanks attacked the mortar squad. The IDF stressed that Hamas attacked first. (More at,7340,L-3657857,00.html.)

Hamas fired roughly two-dozen rockets at Israel after Israel declared the unilateral cease-fire; then Hamas declared their own unilateral cease-fire. Hamas said that it, and it's allies, will stop launching munitions for the next week. Israel must withdraw within the week. After which, a longer term cease-fire could be negotiated that would require that Israel open up it's boarders. Israel did not immediately respond. (More at

After announcing their own cease-fire, rockets continued being launched from Gaza into Israel. (More at

The IDF have began withdrawing some of their forces from Gaza. It is not clear the number or percentages, but troops have been seen leaving the area. (More at,7340,L-3658260,00.html and

Pro-Hamas supporters tried to cut through the barbed wire near the United States Embassy in Lebanon demanding that the US diplomat be expelled. has some pictures of the protest including the burning of Obama in effigy at (More at

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