Monday, January 26, 2009

Pelosi - "Family Planning Services Reduce Cost"

Nancy Pelosi (Speaker of the House, Democrat) said on ABC News that family planning services reduce cost. That was her defense of to the questioning if hundreds of millions of dollars toward those services included in the bailout package were justified. Besides the philosophical notion of considering a person a net drain on the economy (which I believe as a general notion to be a fallacy), there is also the matter of immediacy. The bailout (or stimulus as they would like to call it) is supposed to have near immediate effect; the first few months. Even if you believe children to be a net loss, the failure of contraceptive will not result in that economy draining child for nine months. Even then, how much of a drain can a tiny child be? It seems pretty clear that the money, if they are so intent on spending it, can be spent in a better way. Obama has backed away from Pelosi's comments saying that it was not his idea.

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  1. Family planning includes contraception, but also STD prevention, prenatal and postnatal care. These services reduce the cost of health care due to premature births and sexually transmitted diseases.


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