Sunday, January 11, 2009

Operation Cast Lead (Day Sixteen)

Israel is putting more troops into Gaza in what could be the escalation they warned about. Some reports are calling this phase 2.5 as apposed to the actually third phase (read more at,7340,L-3654416,00.html) This as they push deeper into Gaza (read more at,2933,479146,00.html).

The UNIFIL arrests man who fired at Israelis from Syria. It appears to be the work of a random person and does not represent the opening of another front for the conflict (read more at,7340,L-3654442,00.html).

A Palestinian terrorist chief has threatened to behead Madonna as some sort of revenge for Israel's attack. If that does not make ant sense to you, you are not alone. She has increased he security and wants ex-husband Guy Ritchie to move to a more secure location for the protection of their children when they visit(read more at

The supplier of the video used by CNN that is likely a faked has responded. The response was via email to Little Green Footballs. They do a good job of tearing it apart, and it seems safe to say that few who thought it was a fake had their minds changed by the email. You can read about it at

This video is not directly related to the conflict, but does serve to show what Israel is dealing with. How can peace be achieved if one side is indoctrinating their children to hate and kills Jews? Can you imagine what the world out cry would be if Israel was doing this?

Video Embedded below.

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