Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Obama Tries to Enter The Oval Office Through a Window

President Obama tried to enter the Oval office today, through a window. He apparently got confused as to the location of the door, located a few feet to the right, and thought the window was the door.

Now, I do not really think much of this. People make mistakes, especially when they are getting used to a new location. What will be interesting here is how this makes the rounds on the networks; or if it does not.

Do you remember what they did to Bush when he tried to leave through a door that was locked? If I remember correctly, that was the first time Bush had ever been their and at least it was a door. Obama has been in the White House for more than a week and he went for a window. Still, the good money would be on the media making a bigger deal out of the Bush mistake then they will for Obama's.

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