Monday, January 19, 2009

AlQaeda Dying From Bubonic Plague? ( reporting that at least 40 AlQaeda members have dies from the Bubonic Plague. The disease is treatable, but not with the supplies at AlQaeda camps. This has some senior members worrying that not only could this spread around their members, but could cause some to turn themselves in for treatment.

What has me worried is that they are not blaming this on the Zionists (AlQaeda code word for Jews) or the United States. The fear is that this is a work related accident more commonly associated with when their explosives detonate prematurely. Was/is AlQaeda playing around with the plague to try and use it as a bio weapon? Another thought is that this is a trick by western intelligence sources to get AlQaeda members to surrender for treatment when they really did not need it. If it is for real, this could present a serious problem and start an epidemic across parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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