Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tax Day Tea Party (NYC)

All over the country people went to Tax Day Tea Party Protests. I went to the one held in NYC, just as I did last year. I saw a number of media vans, and a CNN camera moving through the crowd. The coverage last year was so awful that it is hard to believe the stories tomorrow will not be at least a bit more favorable, relatively speaking. I think there will be a larger nation wide turn out this year. That said, I do not believe the turnout in NYC was higher this year then last. We will have to wait for some shots from above or the NYPD estimate to be sure, but my estimate is thousands; at least three. Please note that my prediction last year was 'maybe more than 4,000' and the NYPD said 12,500. I do not think I will be off by as many this time around. This was a genuine grassroots protest. Now for the pictures.

Let me start with the Courter Protesters:
Four Counter Protesters

Coffee Party

Now for possible crashers (I am not completely sure. The first two [back and from of same sign] I am leaning towards not a crasher.)

I will end with some of the better signs.

You can see the rest of the pictures I took that came out at If you use any of them I ask that you still link back to this post.

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