Friday, April 16, 2010

Jason Levin (Creator of Faces Investigation

Jason Levin, the creator of is facing investigation from the Beaverton School District and the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission. Levin teaches at a Beaverton middle school. I think his actions were both foolish and counter productive. That said, assuming he did the work outside of his school and did not involve them, I do not think it is the school's place to punish him for political acts they do not agree with. It is not clear exactly what he is being investigated for. They mention specifically "neglect of duty" but also seem to indicate that it had something to do with people calling and complaining about him because he created the site. If indeed he is being punished for his legal political actions, that is wrong. It is possible though that there is just some unfortunate timing for Levin.

"UPDATE: The Beaverton School District has also launched its own investigation of whether Levin violated any conduct standards, said Maureen Wheeler, a spokeswoman for the school district.

Jason Levin, the Portland man who caused a ruckus over his plans to "infiltrate" Tea Party protests in an aim to discredit them, teaches in a Beaverton middle school and now faces an investigation by the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission.

Melody Hanson, the commission's director of professional practices, said Wednesday that the agency opened an investigation because "there was enough concern that there was some neglect of duty" on the part of Levin.

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