Friday, April 16, 2010

Drag And Drop Gmail Attachments And Insert Calendar Invitation

I am not a Google Calendar user, but the 'Drag And Drop' attachments should be a nice time saver. Picking out files one by one is tedious enough when there is only one to find. Once you start needing multiple files it becomes a real hassle. This new drag and drop method will make sending files much quicker and easier.

"I'm always looking for ways to save time. Suppose I want to attach some files to an email, and I already have a folder open containing those files.

I used to have to click "Attach a file," find the photos, click them, etc. Starting today, if I'm using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox 3.6, I can just drag and drop the files to attach them — easy as pie.

"Today, we're launching a new feature that brings tighter integration between Gmail and Calendar, making it easier to create Calendar events from within Gmail. When you compose an email message, there's now an "Insert: Invitation" link right under the subject line.

When you click it, a small window appears that displays your availability as well as that of the people you're emailing provided you have permission to see their calendars.

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